Best Spinning Rods of 2024

best spinning rods of 2024

Welcome to my guide on the best spinning rods of 2024! As an avid angler, I understand the importance of having a high-performance and reliable spinning rod that can handle any fishing situation. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, having the right rod can make all the difference in your fishing success. In this article, I’ll be showcasing some of the top spinning rods available in 2024 that offer durability, versatility, and cutting-edge features.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a spinning rod that suits your individual fishing needs and preferences.
  • Look for spinning rods with advanced rod technologies for enhanced performance.
  • Invest in durable and reliable spinning rods that can withstand different fishing conditions.
  • Consider the versatility of spinning rods to accommodate various fishing techniques.
  • Affordability is important, but prioritize quality when selecting a spinning rod.

Fenwick World Class Bass and Walleye Rods

When it comes to technique-specific rods, Fenwick World Class Bass and Walleye Rods are in a league of their own. These rods are crafted with ultra-premium materials and feature high modulus graphite that delivers exceptional strength and sensitivity. Whether you’re targeting bass or walleye, these rods offer perfect actions designed to maximize your chances of landing that trophy fish.

One of the standout features of Fenwick World Class Bass and Walleye Rods is their limited lifetime warranty. This demonstrates Fenwick’s commitment to quality and provides anglers with peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected.

Fenwick World Class Bass and Walleye Rods

Not only do these rods perform at the highest level, but they also offer a custom tailored foregrip for added comfort and control. The titanium guide frames and super-thin zirconia inserts further enhance the sensitivity and durability of these rods.

With Fenwick World Class Bass and Walleye Rods, you can trust that you’re using a top-of-the-line product that has been designed with the needs of serious anglers in mind. So, if you’re looking for a rod that combines technique-specific design, ultra-premium materials, and a limited lifetime warranty, look no further than Fenwick World Class Bass and Walleye Rods.

Shimano Poison Ultima

When it comes to advanced rod technologies, Shimano continues to impress with their latest offering – the Shimano Poison Ultima. This spinning rod embodies innovation and performance, making it a top choice for seasoned anglers. With its cutting-edge features and carefully crafted design, the Shimano Poison Ultima takes fishing to a whole new level.

One of the standout technologies in the Shimano Poison Ultima is the Spiral X Core technology. This unique construction technique combines lightness with increased multi-directional strength, resulting in a rod that is both powerful and sensitive. Whether you’re casting for distance or battling a trophy fish, the Spiral X Core ensures optimal performance in every situation.

Another noteworthy feature is the Hi-Power X technology integrated into the Shimano Poison Ultima. This technology provides added resistance to blank twist, allowing for more accurate and controlled casts. The result is increased casting distance and improved overall fishing experience. With the Shimano Poison Ultima, you can feel confident in your ability to reach those difficult spots and bring in your prize catch.

Key Features of the Shimano Poison Ultima
Spiral X Core technology
Hi-Power X technology
Lightweight design
Carbon Shell Grip
Full Carbon Monocoque grip

“The Shimano Poison Ultima is the epitome of rod engineering. With its advanced technologies and lightweight design, it delivers the ultimate fishing experience.” – Fishing Pro Magazine

Not only does the Shimano Poison Ultima excel in performance, but it also prioritizes angler comfort. The lightweight design of the rod reduces fatigue during long fishing sessions, allowing you to stay focused and engaged. Additionally, the Carbon Shell Grip provides excellent vibration transmission, ensuring you never miss a subtle nibble or bite. The Full Carbon Monocoque grip adds to the overall sensitivity of the rod, allowing you to feel every movement and reaction underwater.

With a price tag of $879.99, the Shimano Poison Ultima may be on the higher end of the price spectrum. However, for serious anglers who demand the best from their equipment, this investment is well worth it. The Shimano Poison Ultima offers unmatched performance and durability, making it a rod that will last for years to come.

Shimano Poison Ultima

Model Length Power Action Price
ZDS173H 7’3″ Heavy Fast $219.99
ZDS168M 6’8″ Medium Fast $229.99
ZDS168ML 6’8″ Medium-Light Fast $259.99

Shimano Expride B New Models

Today, I am excited to introduce the latest additions to the Shimano Expride lineup – the new models that are set to take your fishing experience to the next level. With their innovative features and advanced design, these rods are a game-changer for anglers looking to enhance their casting distance and overall performance.

The Shimano Expride B series showcases the cutting-edge Carbon Monocoque handle, which offers exceptional strength and sensitivity. This lightweight hollow carbon handle provides up to 30% more sensitivity compared to traditional handles, allowing you to feel even the subtlest of bites. It’s a game-changer when it comes to detecting those elusive nibbles and securing your catch.

Equipped with Hi-Power X blank technology, the Expride B models deliver enhanced casting distance and accuracy. This technology minimizes blank twist, enabling you to achieve greater precision when targeting your desired fishing spots. Whether you’re using finesse techniques or power fishing methods, the Expride B has you covered.

Introducing 7 New Models

Shimano has expanded the Expride B lineup with a range of seven new models that cater to different fishing styles and preferences. From versatile all-around rods to specialized options for power fishing and large swimbaits, there’s a model for every angler.

Model Name Length Power Action Price
Expride B 6’10” ML 6’10” Medium-Light Fast $299.99
Expride B 7’2” M 7’2” Medium Fast $299.99
Expride B 7’2” MH 7’2” Medium-Heavy Fast $299.99
Expride B 7’4” H 7’4” Heavy Fast $309.99
Expride B 7’5” MH 7’5” Medium-Heavy Fast $309.99
Expride B 7’6” M 7’6” Medium Extra Fast $309.99
Expride B 7’11” H 7’11” Heavy Fast $309.99

These seven new models offer anglers the opportunity to choose the perfect rod for their fishing style and target species. Whether you’re finesse fishing for bass or going after trophy-sized pike, the Expride B series has the ideal rod to meet your needs.

With the Shimano Expride B New Models, every angler can experience enhanced casting distance, improved accuracy, and unmatched sensitivity. Don’t miss out on these game-changing rods – get your hands on one of the seven new models and elevate your fishing game today!

Shimano Expride B New Models

Shimano Curado Rods New Models

In the ever-evolving world of fishing rods, Shimano continues to push the boundaries with their latest addition to the Curado series. The new models feature the innovative Hi-Power X technology, which enhances strength and casting performance. Whether you’re casting for bass or targeting other gamefish, these rods deliver the power and versatility that tournament anglers demand.

Hi-Power X Technology

One of the standout features of the Shimano Curado Rods New Models is the incorporation of Hi-Power X technology. This cutting-edge innovation provides increased strength and reduces blank twist, resulting in more accurate and controlled casts. With the Curado rods in your hands, you can have confidence in your ability to place your lure right where you want it.

Furthermore, the Hi-Power X technology also contributes to the reduction of weight in the rod, making it more comfortable to fish with for extended periods. This weight reduction not only reduces fatigue but also allows for more effortless and precise movements, giving you an edge on the water.

Fuji K Guide Train

In addition to the Hi-Power X technology, the Shimano Curado Rods New Models feature the renowned Fuji K Guide train. These guides are designed to reduce line tangles and improve casting distance. By minimizing friction and maximizing line flow, the Fuji K Guide train ensures smooth and accurate casts every time.

With the combination of Hi-Power X technology and the Fuji K Guide train, the Shimano Curado Rods New Models offer increased strength, reduced weight, and enhanced casting performance. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, these rods are sure to elevate your fishing experience to new heights.

Model Type Length Action Price
Curado 70 Casting 7’2″ Medium Heavy $179.99
Curado 71 Casting 7’2″ Medium $179.99
Curado 72 Casting 7’2″ Medium Light $199.99
Curado 73 Casting 7’3″ Heavy $199.99
Curado 74 Casting 7’4″ Medium Heavy $199.99

Lew’s Custom Lite Rods

When it comes to lightweight and high-performance fishing rods, the Lew’s Custom Lite series is a top choice for anglers. These rods are meticulously crafted with HM85 graphite blanks, ensuring exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness to even the slightest nibble. The use of stainless-steel guides further enhances durability, allowing for smooth line movement and reducing the risk of line breakage during intense battles with fish.

Comfort and control are paramount in the design of the Lew’s Custom Lite rods. The Winn Dri-Tac Ultra ProWeave Grips provide a firm yet comfortable hold, even in wet conditions. The split grip handles contribute to the overall weight reduction of the rod while offering improved balance and maneuverability. Whether you’re casting for bass or targeting other freshwater species, the Custom Lite series delivers an exceptional fishing experience.

“I’ve been using Lew’s Custom Lite rods for years, and they never disappoint. The sensitivity is second to none, allowing me to feel even the subtlest bites. The Winn grips provide a secure hold, even in rainy weather, ensuring I never lose my grip on the rod. These rods are lightweight yet durable, making them a pleasure to fish with all day long.” – Experienced Angler

Key Features of Lew’s Custom Lite Rods

  • HM85 graphite blanks for enhanced sensitivity
  • Stainless-steel guides for smooth line movement
  • Winn Dri-Tac Ultra ProWeave Grips for comfort and control
  • Split grip handles for improved balance and maneuverability

With the Lew’s Custom Lite rods, you can confidently take on any fishing challenge with its lightweight and durable design. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just getting started, these rods offer the performance and reliability you need to make your fishing trips memorable. Prices for the Custom Lite series range from $149.99 to $179.99, providing excellent value for the features and quality they offer.

Rod Model Length Power Action Price
CLMSSJB1 6’10” Medium Fast $149.99
CLMBSRJB1 7’0″ Medium-Heavy Fast $159.99
CLMBSRJB2 7’0″ Medium-Heavy Extra Fast $159.99
CLMBSRJB3 7’0″ Medium-Heavy Extra Fast $159.99
CLMBSRJB4 7’0″ Heavy Extra Fast $159.99
CLMBSRJB5 7’0″ Medium-Heavy Extra Fast $159.99
CLSSJB1 7’3″ Medium Fast $169.99
CLMWSRJB1 7’6″ Medium-Heavy Fast $179.99

13 Fishing Muse Black II Series

I am thrilled to introduce the 13 Fishing Muse Black II Series, a range of spinning and casting rods that are designed to deliver exceptional performance and elevate your fishing experience. These rods are carefully crafted with premium components and innovative technologies to ensure optimal functionality and sensitivity.

The Muse Black II Series features Japanese PVG40T Blank construction, which combines strength and sensitivity to provide the perfect balance for anglers. The Zonal Action Technology further enhances the rod’s performance by optimizing the blank’s action in different zones, allowing for precise and accurate casts.

Constructed with 40 Ton Toray Graphite, these rods are incredibly lightweight, allowing for easy maneuverability and reduced fatigue during long fishing sessions. The Evolve Custom Soft Touch Reel Seat ensures a secure and comfortable grip, while the Fuji K Frame Stainless Steel Guides offer smooth line flow and minimize friction.

I am truly impressed by the attention to detail and superior craftsmanship that 13 Fishing has put into the Muse Black II Series. These rods provide the sensitivity, power, and durability that every angler seeks, making them an excellent choice for both seasoned professionals and novice fishermen alike.

Muse Black II Series Rod Specifications

Rod Model Length Action Power Price
Muse Black II Spinning 6’6″ Medium-Light Fast $124.99
Muse Black II Spinning 7’0″ Medium Fast $139.99
Muse Black II Spinning 7’6″ Medium-Heavy Extra-Fast $154.99
Muse Black II Casting 6’10” Medium Fast $129.99
Muse Black II Casting 7’2″ Medium-Heavy Fast $139.99
Muse Black II Casting 7’6″ Heavy Fast $154.99

The 13 Fishing Muse Black II Series truly stands out in terms of performance, quality, and value. Whether you’re targeting bass, walleye, trout, or other freshwater species, these rods will exceed your expectations and help you make the most of your time on the water. With their sleek design, impeccable construction, and exceptional features, the Muse Black II Series is a must-have for any angler looking to elevate their fishing game.

St. Croix Avid Series

When it comes to high-performance spinning rods for multispecies freshwater fishing, the St. Croix Avid Series stands out among the competition. With its SCIII+ hybrid carbon fiber blanks, these rods offer a winning combination of strength and sensitivity. Whether you’re targeting bass, walleye, trout, or panfish, the Avid rods provide the versatility needed for a successful day on the water.

One of the standout features of the St. Croix Avid Series is its redesigned full-cork grips. These grips not only provide a comfortable and ergonomic handle, but they also enhance the angler’s connection to the rod, allowing for more precise and controlled casts. The full-cork grips are a testament to St. Croix’s dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The St. Croix Avid Series offers anglers the option to choose between one- and two-piece rods, providing flexibility and convenience for different fishing situations. Whether you prefer the ease of transportation with a two-piece rod or the added sensitivity of a one-piece rod, the Avid Series has you covered.

With prices ranging from $225 to $255, the St. Croix Avid Series delivers outstanding value for the features and performance it offers. And to top it off, St. Croix backs these rods with a 15-year warranty, ensuring that anglers can fish with confidence and peace of mind.


After extensive research and analysis, I have identified the best spinning rods of 2024 that cater to a diverse range of angler needs. These top spinning rods are built with cutting-edge technology and high-performance materials to enhance your fishing experience.

When it comes to durability and versatility, the Fenwick World Class Bass and Walleye Rods stand out. Crafted from ultra-premium materials and featuring perfect actions, these rods are technique-specific and offer exceptional performance across various fishing scenarios.

For those seeking advanced features and reliable performance, the Shimano Poison Ultima and Shimano Zodius New Models are excellent choices. With their innovative rod technologies and improved accuracy, these spinning rods deliver exceptional results on the water.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can also consider the Shimano Expride B New Models, Lew’s Custom Lite Rods, 13 Fishing Muse Black II Series, and St. Croix Avid Series. These affordable yet high-quality spinning rods offer a combination of comfort, sensitivity, and durability.

Ultimately, the best spinning rod for you will depend on your specific fishing needs and style. Investing in a reliable and top-rated spinning rod will undoubtedly enhance your fishing performance and increase your chances of a successful outing. So, select the spinning rod that suits you best and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable fishing experience in 2024!


What are the best spinning rods of 2024?

The best spinning rods of 2024 include Fenwick World Class Bass and Walleye Rods, Shimano Poison Ultima, Shimano Zodius New Models, Shimano Expride B New Models, Shimano Curado Rods New Models, Lew’s Custom Lite Rods, 13 Fishing Muse Black II Series, and St. Croix Avid Series.

What makes Fenwick World Class Bass and Walleye Rods unique?

Fenwick World Class Bass and Walleye Rods are crafted from ultra-premium materials and high modulus graphite, offering perfect actions for bass, walleye, and more. They also feature a custom tailored foregrip, titanium guide frames, and super thin zirconia inserts for enhanced sensitivity and durability.

What advanced technologies are found in the Shimano Poison Ultima?

The Shimano Poison Ultima showcases advanced rod technologies such as Spiral X Core and Hi-Power X. The Spiral X Core technology provides a blend of lightness and increased multi-directional strength, while the Hi-Power X technology offers added blank twist resistance. The casting models feature a Full Carbon Monocoque grip, while the spinning models boast a lightweight Carbon Shell Grip for extreme sensitivity.

What are the features of the Shimano Zodius New Models?

The redesigned Shimano Zodius rods incorporate Carbon Monocoque technology and a CI4+ reel seat for enhanced sensitivity and vibration transmission. The Hi-Power X technology increases energy transfer through the rod, resulting in improved accuracy and casting distance. The new models include a 7’3″ heavy, 6’8″ medium, and 6’8″ medium-light.

How does the Shimano Expride B New Models enhance performance?

The Shimano Expride B New Models have added a Carbon Monocoque handle, providing anglers with up to 30% more sensitivity for superior bite transmission. The Hi-Power X blank technology enables fine-tuning of rod actions, with models designed for versatility, power fishing, and large swimbaits. Shimano has introduced 7 new models to this renowned lineup.

What improvements have been made to the Shimano Curado Rods?

Shimano redesigned the Curado series of casting and spinning rods to provide power and versatility for tournament anglers. The Hi-Power X technology increases strength and casting performance, while the Fuji K Guide train reduces line tangles and allows for the use of various fishing lines. The Curado rods now feature Shimano CI4+ reel seats for increased sensitivity and reduced weight.

What are the key features of Lew’s Custom Lite Rods?

Lew’s Custom Lite Rods are designed with lightweight components for extreme sensitivity. They feature HM85 graphite blanks for enhanced sensitivity, stainless-steel guides with titanium oxide inserts for durability, and split grip handles with Winn Dri-Tac Ultra ProWeave Grips for all-day comfort and control.

What are the premium components found in the 13 Fishing Muse Black II Series?

The 13 Fishing Muse Black II Series is crafted with Japanese PVG40T Blank construction, Zonal Action Technology, and 40 Ton Toray Graphite for optimal performance and sensitivity. The rods also feature Evolve Custom Soft Touch Reel Seats, Fuji K Frame Stainless Steel Guides, and come with a 7-year warranty.

What are the key features of the St. Croix Avid Series?

The next-generation St. Croix Avid Series features SCIII+ hybrid carbon fiber blanks, providing increased balance and sensitivity. The redesigned full-cork grips enhance angler comfort, and the rods are available in one- and two-piece options for increased choice and convenience. The Avid Series covers a range of powers and actions and comes with a 15-year warranty.